Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Goodnight Linden Labs, Second Life has finished and we are leaving now.

Another open space has to be switched off. Truth is, I have no idea if mine is the 500th, 1000th, or 15,000th. The figures from Linden Labs are hopelessly inconsistent. Zee Linden, the Financial Officer suggested to me there were 15000 open spaces sold over the last 6 – 9 months.

If other land owners are facing the same loss of traffic and support, I imagine SL is pretty much coming up empty. Here is my ‘Ticket’ to Linden labs Concierge:-

Ticket Description

Summary: Close Region

Ticket Type: Land and Region Issues

Are there multiple monitors?: 1

Region Request: Region is down

Region Name: River Mouth

Preferred Language: English

Details: Please take down 'River Mouth' region as it is no longer needed. River Mouth is now an empty Region. Please switch it off.

Reference Ticket number: [Not Shown]


Solution Solved: (11/11/08 6:43 AM PDT) Hello River!

Thanks for letting us know. I have disabled the region, to prevent further cost. The final deletion will occur in 7 days from now.

Best regards, (An un-named) Linden, Concierge

Action: Close Ticket


Sad huh

Linden Labs were quite happy to sell me all those islands, and charge me a set up fee disguised as if I was actually purchasing something. Now they are sold, or as in this case, switched off, nothing, no remorse, no care, and no emotion. (employee name), I don’t know you, but I tell you this, your employer, does not give a damn, and that’s why I am leaving SL after all this is over and done with. The spark of care and the concern is gone from Second Life.

------------------------ ticket closed ---------------------------

Its heartbreaking returning things to owners, you are returning just prims, three dimensional co-ordinates with texture images wrapped about them, but they were made by people, each has their own reason and method, each has their own unique fingerprint and reality, each prim is a reminder that some one loved what they were doing and the reason for doing it. Real people who trusted Linden Labs to look after their real dollar investment in real thoughts and real feelings. The players leave, move on, do other things, leaving you with not just an empty nest, but empty streets, places, communities, islands, hearts, dreams and missing rainbows.

Linden Labs so mismanaged Second Life, they undersold the open space sims, waited until they had sold tens of thousands, and then elected to create a price hike of 66%. Each sim they sold paid for the server they were on, the monthly tier was pure profit, a never ending income stream. Then to scare people silly, so much so, they run away abandoning their things is pure arcane stupidity. It is pure greed delivering financial Suicide. Congrats Linden Labs, you did what Reginald Perrin failed to do, you are destroying the company you have by chasing away customers who have happily invested in your product for years. Reggie admitted selling Grot, useless rubbish and the people flocked in. Yes that was a tv program, but funny as anything. You are doing it for real, it’s not funny, it is scary and sad.

You do not acknowledge your 15,000,000 residents for the most part do not log in. Of the 40 – 60 thousand log-ins per day, 50% are bots that are taking up space to ‘game’ the numbers to make some islands look busy. You don’t have land sales totalling thousands on the mainland, you have a bunch of wanna-be realtors, buying and selling to each other avatar inflating prices. The biggest number of your logins are people on a free ride, and they will not support you.

I, and my colleagues, as Island Owners, bought your product, paid your over priced tier for years on end, without complaining and now you have robbed us of our customers, increased our costs, devalued our investments and now, as we leave, we switch off empty Sims.

Linden Labs and Second Life has been fun, but it’s over and we are leaving.

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Anonymous said...

I look at this post and I cry when I see it. the rock was part of our subculture there.

So sad linden is digging its own grave.